Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer Bucket List

I have 2 months off in between my post-bacc dietetics program and the beginning of my dietetic internship at UCSF and I am trying to make the most of my so-called free time. I'm still working two jobs, but my life is far-less packed and crazy than it was a few months ago. And while I have a bit of studying to do (like, starting now) to prepare for my first week of my internship, I have been focusing on enjoying my Summer as much as possible. Specifically, I have been trying to take care of myself; the past two years were very stressful, and while the next year will be stressful too, I felt as though my body probably needed a little love, and now was the time to show it.

In the spirit of making the most of my Summer time off, here is what is on my Summer bucket list!

1. Prioritize my own nutrition + health + a little self-experimentation/learning: In progress
Two weeks ago, I visited with my favorite RD and mentor, Lisa. I made an appointment with her and it was so lovely to drive to Sebastopol and spend the afternoon with her. We talked a lot about my stress and the impact the past two years have likely had on my adrenal health. We formulated a realistic plan, involving food, lifestyle changes, and supplements to help me feel more restored. I am also trying to sleep and take days to really relax, knowing I will be very busy the next year. Slowing down is incredibly hard for me, but I know it is what my body needs. In regards to my long-term health, last week, I sent in my saliva sample to 23andme. I think nutrigenomics is fascinating and am very interested to receive my report back from 23and me - in probably a month and a half. Lisa and I will work together to review the information received, and I hope to be able to implement some nutrition tweaks from there. I think 23andme is a great option for people, but I do recommend going through the results with a healthcare professional, based on what you're interested in learning more about.

2. Plant a fire-escape garden: In progress
As soon as Brent and I got back from our vacation at the beginning of June, I headed out to a nursery in the inner richmond neighborhood to get some planting supplies. I haven't gardened since I was maybe ten years young or so, and was itching to try to grow some of my own food. The young man at Clement Nursery was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and I now have two beautiful planters illegally placed on my fire escape. I love watering them - it's the little things! And, it's been nearly a month - my little kale plants have been turning yellow - does anyone know what is up with this? I plucked them off, cleaned the plant up, added some organic fertilizer, and am hoping that will help. Help me! I don't have a green thumb...

3. Train for and run the San Francisco Half Marathon: In progress
My best friend Kelsey and I, as well as Brent and some of his work team, are running the San Francisco half marathon at the end of July. It's been years since I have run a half marathon and although I feel in decent shape, I definitely need to work on my endurance. Kelsey has been my running buddy so we've been trying to do at least one long run together every week. I just ran ten miles last weekend, and plan to do at least another 10 miler and 12 miler before the race. Can't wait for that post-race endorphin high!

4. Catch up with friends + family: In progress
This was probably one of the most important things I have wanted to do this Summer. During the school year, I was always stressed about upcoming projects or exams. My volunteer and work schedule did not afford me a lot of free time, therefore, my social life definitely suffered. Luckily, my friends have all been so supportive, but I miss them! While I truly enjoy being alone, maybe a little too much, I am trying to get out of hermit-mode and see my wonderful friends during this free time.

5. Try some new recipes: Not yet started - help me please!
I am definitely in a dinner food rut. I make the same few recipes all the time. I know once my internship starts, I am going to want quick, easy meals that don't require a lot of prep - or I am going to have to start Sunday food prep. With that being said, anyone have any favorite go-to 30 minute meals? Please let me know!

6. Get rid of stuff: Done!
Our apartment is oh so tiny, so I have been trying clean out various areas of it to ease the clutter. I recently cleaned out my closet, sold some clothes for $80, and donated three huge bags of clothes to Goodwill. And now...I have no clothes (because I didn't shop for two years), so yeah. But, at least my closet is filled with only clothes which bring me joy. 

7. Pay it forward, a lot: In progress
Paying it forward has become my motto in life, after the past few years. Every day, I think of ways to be extra kind or thoughtful, and I think about how so many people have been so gracious to me over the past few years. So, I am focusing on paying it forward. I am trying to cover shifts for people who need help at the restaurant I work at, because lord knows so many people covered my shifts when I was studying for an exam! I am also trying to reach out to fellow students the year behind me, and give them information about the dietetic internship application process (one phrase describes it: not hard, but tedious). 

So, what is on your Summer bucket list?

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