Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Little Life Update

Oh, hello.

Nice to be in this little ole blog space again. I keep meaning to write, and then, well, life gets in the way. In mostly very good ways. I finished my six-week intensive Anatomy + Lab course (honestly, the worst idea ever - do not recommend Summer school, ever), and for the past three weeks, I've been refusing to think about school. In fact, when someone mentions the word, I actually shake my head.

I have so many ideas for posts I want to write...posts I've been dreaming up all Summer. But I figured I'd start with a life update. A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Some endorphins:

It's been just over a year since I quit my corporate, pharmaceutical marketing job and entered into life, full-time as a student. And though I have never looked back on my decision to pursue my passion for a career, this past year has been a challenging transition. Being a full-time student, studying, volunteering, waitressing, sleeping, breathing, and eating, didn't leave much time for ME. So, I decided to take the month of August and treat myself. And I don't mean with lots of desserts. I wanted to get back into shape and feel really energized and strong. Truthfully, I wanted to feel more like myself again - mentally. So, I bought a month-long Flex Academy to Barry's Bootcamp in San Francisco. That means, working out at Barry's 5 times a week for a month. If you're not familiar with Barry's, you can learn more about it here. To sum it up, it's an hour workout alternating between HIIT treadmill intervals and strength training. The workout is accompanied by awesome music and motivating, often hilarious instructors. I'm in my third week and look forward to going every day. Simply put, I feel great. I am all about listening to my body, and by the end of Summer school, my mind and body were begging me for a structured, butt-kicking workout. Honestly, as a student I thought I'd feel guilty for spending so much money for workouts. After two days of bootcamp, I realized, it was the best investment I'd made in a long time.

Some yoga, too:

Did you know that I danced (ballet, modern, jazz) from age 4 to 20? One of the best parts of dancing in a company was forming life long bonds with my fellow dancers. I was lucky enough last week to go to Equinox (Pine Street, SF) and take a yoga class taught by Alexa Silvaggio, who just moved from NYC to SF. We grew up dancing together, naturally. Her class was the perfect hour-long flow, and she had me cracking up quite a bit. I went with another childhood dance friend and it was so fun to all reconnect and laugh together.

All the Summer foods:

I am extremely excited that I am no longer waitressing Sunday mornings because now I can go to my favorite Farmers Market. For me, strolling through the Farmers Market feels pretty darn zen. I always feel so inspired by all the goodies there. Thank you so much, Farmers!

Grab those Shishito and Padron peppers before the season ends!

I plan to eat my weight in Padron and Shishito peppers until they get too spicy (meaning, end of season). I came up with a genius snack last night...sauteed Padron and Shishitos with sea salt and pepper + Marla's Raw Tomato Sauce (for dipping). For the past two weeks, I have made a big batch of Marla's sauce. I basically put it on everything...eggs, chicken, veggies. Please make it immediately before the oh so sweet tomato season ends. 

Dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes + Zebra tomatoes for Marla's Raw Tomato Sauce

A lot of waitressing:

The last two weeks of my precious, too short Summer break have unfortunately been spent working nearly every day. Even though my feet are pretty achey by the end of each serving shift, I am very grateful to work with wonderful people at a restaurant that serves fresh, seasonal food. They make veggies taste so good. (PS, I instagram my staff meals...follow me here!).

Romano Beans "Stracotto" with pancetta & tomatoes (obsessed) + Spigiarello with garlic, chili, & lemon

My heart:

And, my heart is feeling pretty full these days. In late Spring, Brent (and I) gained a new baby niece. In late Spring, Brent and I also lost someone unexpectedly. It's been a horrible situation that has forced me to squeeze my closest loved ones a little tighter. And it's very hard to not worry incessantly about everyone and everything. We became godparents to that precious Spring baby, Jensen, last month. Every time we are with baby Jensen, and her big sister, it's a gentle reminder of unconditional love, joy, and innocence. ... [Insert Circle of Life music]

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