Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My 5 Favorite Snacks Right Now

I've always been a snacker, especially during the day. I love a good, big breakfast, and a big, hot dinner, but lunch? No way. I'm not a lunch person at all. I'd much rather snack during the day. All day. Every day. 

This semester, Tuesdays are my longest days. I wake up around 6:30am, head to school for class at 8am, and have classes back to back until 7pm. I have a 45-minute break at 1:15 to 2:15pm, which I usually use to eat, print stuff out, and check email. I know, riveting...

So, on Tuesdays, I pack all the snacks I can get my hands on. I try to keep them pretty healthy because frankly, I need all the energy and nourishment I can get to stay awake (and alert) throughout the day.

I think we all tend to go through phases with food. Am I right? I find a recipe I love, make it over and over again, retire it for a few months, and then resurrect it again, only to remember how much I loved it in the first place. Cough, this 10-spice soup, cough, cough. I think this philosophy applies to snacks as well. 

So, without further ado, here are some simple, fast (key word here) snacks I am loving right now! These take very minimal prep and are totally not glamorous. Because on Tuesdays, I aint got time for that. Get in my belly!

1. Prosciutto wrapped Bosc Pears: My boyfriend loves pears so I always try to keep them around. I love the brown Bosc pears because they are crunchy and sweet. I take a few slices of prosciutto and wrap them around slices of pear for the perfect sweet + salty snack. Plus, the prosciutto gives the snack some good ole fat for staying power. #Passionateaboutpork anyone?

2. Raw Carrots with Salted Almond Butter: I've been loving the colorful, organic carrots lately from Trader Joes. Though I feel a bit like a horse when I eat them (truly), I absolutely love dipping them in salted almond butter. It is the strangest combination, but it works, I promise. The crunchy carrots with the smooth, salty almond butter. Just do it. 

3. Toast with Salted Butter + Hardboiled Egg: I almost always keep a bunch of hardboiled eggs in our refrigerator for the busy week. I'm all about trying to make a snack that has carbs, protein, and fat, and this snack fits that bill perfectly. I take a slice of toast (usually gluten-free, but a sprouted grain toast would work well too), slather on some Kerrygold salted butter, and then chop a hardboiled egg and put it on top. Extra points if you add some black pepper and sea salt. I like this snack before a workout. My motto has always been, when in doubt, put an egg on it!

4. Cinnamon-Vanilla Flax Milkshake: I have been loving this 'milkshake' lately! I've been using my original recipe, but adding 1 or 2 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder to give it a bit richer of flavor. It is so, so good! The healthy fats from the flax + nut butter really help keep me full. In fact, as I write this post, I am enjoying this milkshake.

5. Dried Mango: So, this isn't the most well-balanced snack, but it's delicious and helps to satisfy my craving for sweets. I love keeping organic dried mango in my cupboard, work bag, and backpack. It keeps for a long time, is chewy, and sweet. 

I am always, always in need of more snack ideas though, so please comment and tell me: what are your favorite snacks right now?

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