Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

I've had a little more time to myself lately. While I savor every second of my last week of Winter break, I thought I'd reflect on some of my favorite things that have been in my life in the past five weeks. Most involve food - of course. 

Serial podcast: I saved the Serial podcast for my two roundtrip drives to and from San Luis Obispo (SLO) over my break. I gave my dear friend Michelle a ride down to SLO and she initially got me hooked on the series, as she had already listened to all of them. I listened, she re-listened, and by episode 3 I was screaming "What about Don!?" and "I don't like Jay" and "This is so weird." Michelle was a good sport. All in all, this is what I think about the case: Jay is sketchy, Adnan is likable in many instances, and what about Don? As my co-worker said, how convenient that he had his Mom to confirm his alibi. Oh, I just don't know!

This soup from Oh She Glows: This is hands down one of my favorite soup recipes. I always put in whichever vegetables I have on hand and omit the beans (I am not a big bean person). I haven't experimented with freezing it yet because it always gets eaten in two or three days. The "cashew cream" takes it over the top. This picture is horrible but I promise you, this soup is amazing.

Making my own almond milk: Making my own nut milk was something I had convinced myself, for some reason, was going to be ridiculously laborious. I kept telling myself I'd learn how to make my own almond milk on my break. Well, I finally did and it is super easy. Also, unless I am in a real pinch, I am pretty sure I won't be purchasing any store's almond milk. Homemade is just too tasty, and I add lots of spices to mine. It's almost like dessert!

These wonderful movies: My mom, sister, boyfriend, and I all love going to the movies. I still have a few movies from this Winter that I want to see, however, my favorites thus far include Wild, The Imitation Game, Selma, and Unbroken. I cried many ugly tears throughout each of these movies, all of which, were based on true stories. We also saw American Sniper last weekend, which left me speechless. 

Ancestral RD podcasts: I've followed Laura and Kelsey ever since they started contributing on Chris Kresser's site a few years back. They are young, ambitious, really freaking smart Registered Dietitians who practice very holistically. Their immense knowledge inspires me constantly to keep learning. I totally dork out listening to their helpful podcasts. Some of my favorites so far have been about how to become a real food RD, adrenal fatigue, and curing SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). 

This soup: All day, I couldn't stop thinking about a soup with Italian Sausage and white (not sweet!) potatoes. So, after yoga (again, predictable), I whipped up this soup in around an hour. I plan to share the recipe on the blog soon! It's hearty, healthy, and a little spicy. It's gluten-free, paleo and whole 30 friendly, and will warm you right up. I feel so calm creating soup recipes and can't wait to share this one with you.

What are some things making you smile right now?

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