Friday, December 19, 2014

Very Random Life Updates: What I've Been Up To


How I missed this little blog! A few weeks ago, I asked one of my best friends to change my Facebook and Instagram passwords. I needed to stop, drop, and focus on finishing out my first semester as a Dietetics student strong. No social media helped a lot, but boy oh boy, did I miss writing!

I feel as though my life has been really uninteresting lately, but also very ridiculous and chaotic. So, I thought I'd share some random, hopefully funny, life updates as of lately.

Can I please just tell you a little bit about my crazy Physiology class? I had to take physiology with lab through a community college this semester (it's a long story why). It was definitely my favorite class, but also the most challenging. My teacher was a Cardiologist, a great teacher, and also very sassy. Which I appreciated. A few of our labs included the following: pricking our own fingers to fill a capillary tube up with blood and then determining our blood type (O+ for me), using our own urine to test for various things, and oh you know, just getting an EKG. Our teacher told us that the first two tests (involving collecting our own blood and urine) were no longer allowed at any other community college in California, except ours. My friend and I found this funny...and a little scary that we were still doing it despite it being banned everywhere else. Lets just say, we tried to clean up real well with Lysol after both labs. I will always have very special memories of that darn Physiology course...

Here I am getting an EKG. No biggie!

Let's talk about Alfredo Sauce. This semester, I wrote a 13-page research paper on Alfredo sauce. I know. Around 30% of the curriculum for Dietetics is focused on food service and production, meaning, learning how to run a safe, sanitary kitchen, because some RDs go off and help run school or hospital cafeterias. For one of my food production classes, I had to write a research paper on a processed food and then recreate a more healthful recipe, and compare the two. I chose a fairly 'not so bad' processed sauce (because I was too lazy to go to Safeway so I purchased mine at Whole Foods) and then recreated a Cauli-Power Alfredo Sauce from my food blogger crush, Needless to say, I really don't want to ever talk about Alfredo sauce again. But I should say, I absolutely love ohsheglow's version of the sauce.

Processed Alfredo Pasta Sauce by Newman's Own

 Blending up my Cauli-Power Alfredo Sauce

Last weekend, I hosted our annual Secret Santa gift exchange with my best friends from growing up in San Luis Obispo. Although not all were able to make it (aka the one who is livin' it up in NYC), it was so much fun to host and the perfect break while studying for finals. I received this beautiful candle from my bestie Kelsey. I also decorated our little table top Christmas Tree from Whole Foods. 

 Beautiful candle from my Secret Santa

So, my friend Julie and I have this ongoing, really weird situation for the past few years. It all started with this little cat toy that makes a "meow" sound when you push on its back. Throughout the years, we try to give it back to each other by hiding it in unknown places. For example, it's been given to me in a Christmas gift bag, I've hid it in her suitcase while traveling, and it has also been hidden in my car. I tried to hide it in her purse at our Secret Santa to give it back to her, and she found it. So now, I'm stuck with this darn cat, plus its new friend, who was given to Julie by her Secret Santa (see tree picture below). These creepy cats will find their way back to Julie's home. Soon.  Watch out, Julie. Watch out.

Creepy cats under our tabletop tree

My dear friend Katie always hosts the most amazing Gingerbread House decorating party every year. It's really an excuse to get together with girlfriends, drink mulled wine, and exchange Secret Santa gifts. Within the first hour, everyone gets really frustrated while making gingerbread houses, so the decorating portion doesn't last long, but the drinking and eating portion does. Side note: Katie's house is always perfect. Anyways, this year I decided to fully commit to my house and channel my inner preschooler decorating abilities. Growing up, my Mom would always have us decorate gingerbread houses using a cut-out milk carton and graham crackers. My big sister also had her own gingerbread house decorating party this year. Let's compare, little sister against big sister:

My gingerbread house

My big sister's gingerbread house

Yes, hers is perfect. 

And finally, what would this post be if it didn't mention food? I am really into combining two of my favorite foods: fresh eggs and sweet potatoes. I made a sweet potato hash for the Secret Santa brunch I hosted and it turned out lovely. I hope to make it again and share the recipe with ya'll. It used my beloved cast iron skillet and was so easy to make. 

Homemade sweet potato hash

Yesterday, I finished finals and I am now officially on Winter Break. It hasn't really hit me yet, but I am more than looking forward to these next four weeks of freedom. I'll be working, volunteering, blogging, yoga-ing, and cherishing time off with my friends and my family. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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