Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Student

5:31am: Alarm goes off. Thank goodness for the time change this past weekend! Time to get ready for yoga, with the boyfriend (I always enjoy this more than he does).

6am - 7am: Vinyasa flow class. I haven't made it to a 6am yoga class in a while, but this was a lovely way to start my day. Sweat, sweat, sweat with a fabulous teacher. I freshen up a bit after class.

7:10am: I convince Brent to grab a quick coffee to go with me across the street before driving home to drop him off and then to school.

7:50am: Park at school and walk to O-Chem class. I'm a morning person, and my favorite part of the morning is drinking coffee or tea and perusing my favorite blogs and websites, before O-Chem of course. 

8:10am-9:30am: Sit in O-Chem lecture, nod my head a lot, though I am really, really confused. My Professor moves so quickly through PowerPoints, and I begin to think about my final midterm next week for this class. Oh, this class...

9:30 to 10:50am: I have a break Tuesdays and Thursdays between classes, so I usually head to the library to study and print various things out. I also eat my overnight oats in a jar! Now that the weather is cooler, I am craving heavier foods. 

Overnight oats with gluten-free oats, flaxseeds, almond milk, coconut butter, and almond butter.

11am to 12:15pm: Foodservice Systems Management class.

12:20 to 12:40pm: After my class, I swing by my O-Chem professor's office hours. Then, I walk back to my car. I'm starting to get hungry so I eat a hardboiled egg that started cracking in my backpack. 

1:30: I decide, last-minute, to drive to the VA Hospital as I need to get an antibody test done and turn in some paperwork before becoming a volunteer in their Nutrition department. When I arrive at the VA, I unfortunately have to sit there for an hour and a half only to find out that I can no longer get this testing done there for free. Major bummer. Majorly frustrating when I could have been using this time to be more productive. And now, I'm majorly hungry! At 3pm, I drive home.

3:30pm: Get home and eat eat eat! I didn't plan to go to the VA this afternoon, so I was beyond starving when I got home. Some things piled up on me today and I kind of lost it, alone, at one point in my car. Sometimes when I'm stressed, it takes just a tiny thing to tip me over. So when I got home, I decided to chill out for a bit and take some yoga breaths (for reals). 

Trail mix from Trader Joe's. If only there were more pistachios in it...

3:45pm to 4:15pm: I heat up leftovers from dinner last night which includes zucchini and carrot noodles with jalapeƱo sausage and tomato sauce, topped with Pecorino Romano. This tastes so good! I eat while watching the last half of Revenge from the other night. (PS: Revenge has gotten pretty bad...)

4:15pm to 4:45pm: I get ready to go to a volunteer gig I just started. Tonight, I am observing a weight loss support group for morbidly obese people at a medical clinic near my apartment. 

5pm to 7:15pm: I observe the weight loss support group. I absolutely love the RD who I am volunteering for. I take notes and ask lots of questions. After feeling rather frustrated earlier today, as well as overloaded by the thought of my looming O-Chem and Physiology tests, I feel grateful to be pursuing the career I love. Sitting in on this group makes me feel excited to do what I want to do. 

7:30 to 9pm: I walk home and work on my first draft of my budget paper for my Foodservice Management Class. This class involves writing a full business plan, and this budget paper is one of the main components. I have to admit, with all the science involved in my program, I look forward to anytime I get to write. 

9pm: Eat dinner. I know, I know. This is probably too late. My schedule got screwed up today by my spontaneous trip to the VA and my late lunch filled me up until 9pm. I heat up some PaleOMG beef and broccoli (without cashews since I didn't have any), also known as the most delicious dinner. Ever!

9:30pm to 10:30pm: Work on my paper a little more, then catch up on emails. Munch on a large piece of this while thinking to myself that I think I may in fact have a mild food allergy towards bananas...that's another story though.

I go to bed around 11pm. This day was good, but long and emotionally draining for some reason. Probably some built-up stress.

It's a reminder that 1) I worry and stress too much. And 2) There will be challenging days but I must be kind to myself and remain positive. And 3) I need to have a better snack stash in my car and backpack! 

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