Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Visit to Sprig!

Disclosure: All opinions below are my own. Sprig provided me with lunch in exchange for my feedback on their service. I asked and received permission from Sprig to post some fun facts about their service on my blog. All images courtesy of Sprig.

It's no secret that I am crazy about Sprig. When I first heard about it from my best friend, I immediately downloaded the app that night and ordered my first delicious meal after a long day at work. Twenty minutes later, my meal was delivered to my apartment by a smiley server who also handed me a delicious gourmet dark chocolate truffle. 

You may be asking, what is Sprig? Sprig is an app that allows you to essentially dine on demand. Right now, it serves San Francisco. But I have a good feeling they'll expand...

Each day, the simple Sprig app features three homemade lunches and three homemade dinners for you to choose from. Lunches are priced at $9 a meal and dinner is priced at $10 a meal, plus tax and delivery. Meals are clearly labeled such as "vegetarian" or "paleo-friendly" and there is always at least one veggie and one gluten-free option, which I appreciate. There are many things I love about Sprig, but what I love most is that their meals are made with real food, which is local, sustainable, and organic, and they are very fairly priced, in my opinion. I could easily drop at least $12 at the Whole Foods hot bar. But these days, I much prefer Sprig to that. 

Grilled local peaches on a bed of watercress and spinach, topped with toasted hazelnuts, prosciutto, and a smoked tomato vinaigrette - Source

Bavette steak crusted with peppercorns, grilled and served with a red wine dijon vinaigrette. Served with roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus - Source

I received an email from one of Sprig's co-founders, Morgan, asking me if I'd like to come to Sprig for lunch and provide feedback on the service. I was pretty pumped to get this email, because I obviously get excited over anything good-food related, so I happily obliged. And better yet, Morgan also kindly agreed to answer a few questions about Sprig for the blog. 

I pranced on over to Sprig's 'office' which is located in an old Chevy's restaurant in San Francisco. The office is absolutely beautiful, spacious, and features a huge commercial kitchen in which the dinner meals are made (lunch meals are made in a different location in the city). Over lunch, which was a delicious "Irie Bowl" featuring greens, rice, roasted chicken, pickled veggies with a cumin dressing, I sat with Morgan and answered his questions about Sprig, and then, he answered a few of mine!

Me: So, what exactly is your role at Sprig? 

Morgan: Good question! I am one of the co-founders and I work a lot on visual design, menu design, and the overall culinary strategy. 

Me: Since I'm studying nutrition, when is Sprig going to have nutritional information available for the meals?
Morgan: Nutritional information is on it's way soon. This means, you'll be able to review calories, fat, protein, etc... for each meal on your mobile device. 

Me: How on earth do you keep your prices so very low for the excellent quality of food? 
Morgan: Honestly, it's all about efficiency, scale, and relationships. And, we pay fare wages to our servers. Our head Chef, Nate Keller, has great relationships with local farmers. We believe in and practice responsible sourcing. This can translate into using the whole animal for the meal, rather than just certain parts.*
*(When I heard this, I liked it immediately. Who would want to eat chicken breasts every night anyways...?)

Me: What are you seeing in terms of trends of how San Franciscans like to eat?
Morgan: Our customers continue to surprise us! We'll think something will perform well, but then something else will perform even better. We have data scientists working on figuring out trends, but our customers really do continue to surprise us in terms of what they do and don't order.

Me: Has there ever been a dish that didn't sell very well at all? Which dishes sell really well?

Morgan: We did a kale and ricotta sandwich on focaccia bread. We thought it was great because it was so simple and delicious. However, it was just too simple, and didn't sell all that well. The chefs loved it, but apparently it wasn't as appealing to the customers. As far as top-selling dishes, customers love our Beef Bourguignon and Coq au Vin.

What is your favorite Sprig meal?

I tend to prefer fruit-forward dishes, and I really like the Kale Sunrise Salad. Who would think to put granola on a salad? It just works though. We came up with this idea late one night while working. 

San Francisco friends: have you tried Sprig? They've got some incredible guest chefs lined up in the near future...just warning you! Past guest chefs included Stuart Brioza of State Bird Provisions and Cortney Burns of Bar Tartine. Of course, they always have their own great Executive Chef, Nate Keller (former EC at Google). You can use this code to get $10 off (basically a meal!) when you sign up: Duggan929

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sprig has continued success and expands across the states, beyond San Francisco. I just really love that they are committed to making it easy for anyone to eat well, and by well, I mean, eat real, darn good food.  

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  1. The steak crusted with peppercorns, and a red wine dijon vinaigrette all served with roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus sounds and looks fabulous!