Tuesday, September 9, 2014

WIAW: On the Go

I did a tiny bit of food prep this past Sunday and boy oh boy did it pay off. I knew this week was going to be a very busy one, so I wanted to make sure I had a quick go-to meal in the fridge and at least one snack ready. I am starting to find a groove with this new life and feel thankful that I am also starting to create a routine. 

This week has been full of firsts! I took my first test in physiology. I had my first training at one of my new jobs. And I will also have (later this week) my first orientation at one of my volunteer jobs. The puzzle pieces of my life are coming together.

This morning, my boyfriend tried to leave the apartment without having eaten breakfast. I snapped at him (in the most loving way) and said "You can take five minutes for your health!" And I gave him a scary-fierce stare into his eyes. 

That's the last time he'll skip breakfast under my watch.

We become real busy, real fast. And when that happens, I think it's important to remember how a few minutes of slowing down to simply eat or drink some water will help us cope with the quickness that is life.

So on this What I Ate Wednesday, lets talk about easy, quick, on-the-go meals and snacks. I'm happy I did just a bit of food prep on Sunday night. So happy, in fact, that I plan to do even more this coming weekend; I want to get it down to a science. I want to have constant access to all the snacks!

I woke up bright and early to get in my favorite hour Vinyasa flow yoga class. Post-yoga, I sipped on a very hot cup of coffee, and made a breakfast that included the good ole' basics: two scrambled eggs with two pieces of gluten-free (Canyon Bakehouse brand) toast with butter, crunchy almond butter, honey, and flax seeds. This toast was full of healthy fats and those fats are what help satiate me. Adding a bit of salted butter on the toast before I add the real toppings is a game-changer. Don't be afraid of fat, folks - gotta rev up that metabolism. And oops, I deleted this photo accidentally...

I packed my afternoon lunch and snacks as I had to go to lecture, then drive to my Physiology evening lab. So, I packed the following: a Coconut Peanut Butter Green Smoothie (would you like this recipe?), Farmers Market grapes, hard boiled eggs, green tea (I randomly got this at my running group this weekend), and homemade chocolate chip Larabars.

Can we please talk about these homemade Larabars? These are genius. First, I have always loved the blog Oh She Glows. She creates vegan recipes. Although I am not vegan, I love that her recipes are so beautifully photographed and thus, she makes me want to eat allthevegetables. These Larabars took 10 minutes to prep on Sunday, and are in my freezer all week for when I want a snack or something sweet. And, they fit my (not-awesome) student budget much better than the regular ones I'd buy at Whole Foods.

Oh. And here was another snack. I don't know if I can buy these again. They are too addicting, in the weirdest way. They are what I like to call an "empty food" meaning they don't really have any nutritional value...not quite sure where those 4 grams of fiber come from.

After my Physiology lab, I came home and heated up a bowl of Coconut Red Curry with Vegetables, which I made on Sunday evening as well. Lets just say, I'll be sharing this easy, one-pot recipe with you all later this week. This curry was warming and hearty, full of fresh ginger, garlic, and lots of vegetables. And my belly felt good afterwards.

And then, for dessert, I dipped a spoon in some almond butter and added some chocolate chips. What can I say? We were learning about metabolism in Physiology. I really wanted to fully understand how my body digests and burns fats (beta-oxidation to any science geek out there). 

And that, my friends, is What I Ate Wednesday. Lets talk one-pot curry, soon!

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  1. YES I want the smoothie recipe! I love that you posted this. I've been nonstop all week and it's so, so important to fuel right!