Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WIAW: More Kale Salad?

First, thank you to everyone who read my last post. I am feeling everyone's positive vibes this week, and I am filled with gratitude.

Today is my last day at my job. I've been working at this ad agency for over four years, and I will miss seeing many of my colleague's faces daily, truly. But I'm ready for change and embracing all the uncertainty and excitement to come!

And, to top it all off, I've got an amazing week and a half ahead of me. This weekend, we're heading to Big Sur so I can watch one of my oldest, dearest friends, Miriam, get married...or miri'd as we like to say. I've got grand plans for dancing under the stars in Big Sur with my oldest friends, and maybe starting a Conga line (a recent, necessary tradition) to any and every Lionel Richie song.

Then, Monday, we fly to Kauai, which is my favorite Hawaiian island. We're going to be spending a week on the island and I plan to relax, boogie-board, hike, and get lots of Vitamin D. Oh, and read! Please leave a comment if you have any book recommendations for beach reads (this includes nutrition books!) and/or if you have any recommendations for Poipu.

So, because this week is a short week, I only did a small grocery run to get me and the man through a few days. We've got lots of greens and padron peppers to eat up!

And before I dive into WIAW, can I please tell you something that made my week? Last night, my midwestern boyfriend asks "Hey, can we have more of that kale salad with that peanut dressing?" Yes. Yes, we sure can.

When's the last time your meat and potatoes loving boyfriend asked for more kale salad? #winning

Here is what I ate on Wednesday!

Overall, I just wasn't that hungry all day, so these eats are on the lighter side. A simple, quick breakfast of two slices of gluten-free toast with some grass-fed butter on each slice, topped with fried eggs. I wasn't too hungry and this breakfast filled me up just right, with a side cup of coffee.

I've created a new smoothie recipe, one that I hope to share on the blog next week. It's a green smoothie that tastes delicious and is actually a pretty, green color for once. It's got lots of greens and coconut water in it, among other things. I brought this for lunch and it tied me over for a few hours. Gotta love the protein powder and healthy fats!

And then, a little snack before a rare evening yoga class. I picked up a Macrobar at Whole Foods. The Whole Foods Whole Body folks at the Oakland market were so nice and let me sample a few bars (can't hurt to ask!). I liked this MacroBar, however, the sugar content is high at 15 grams (organic brown rice syrup is the first ingredient, unfortunately). But still, good for when you're in a pinch and on the go.

Post-yoga, I arrived home, to find that my boyfriend had made dinner and it was gloriously waiting for me on our dining room table. Food always tastes better when someone else makes it, right? My plate had a bison burger topped with pepperjack cheese and spinach, with a heaping side of kale salad. 

We both went back for seconds on the kale salad. Ask and ye shall receive. 

Listen, I feel very granola talking about my love of kale salad, but I must say, I am not normally a huge fan of raw kale but I'll have it once or twice a week in the Summer when I know I can dress it up real nicely with a delicious dressing. And I've recently been playing around with this peanut dressing as well as an avocado lime dressing (recipe to come), so that's why you're seeing more kale salad on my WIAW posts. 

However, as I mentioned in an older post, I try to eat a mixture of cooked veggies in addition to raw veggies. This is because kale, like a few other veggies, contains goitrogens. Goitrogens are substances in certain foods that can potentially interfere with our body's thyroid gland, as they interfere with iodine uptake and our iodine is needed to produce ample active thyroid hormones. I could go on and on about the thyroid, but we'll save that for another post.

But, no biggie. That's why we switch up our diet, right? Easier said than done, but I always encourage my clients to switch up their fruits and veggies. 

I ended the night on a sweeter note, splitting this almond chocolate-chip cookie (gluten-free) with the boyfriend. He earned it. 

What are your latest, favorite eats?


  1. I need that peanut dressing recipe! :) Looks delicious! Enjoy Poipu! If you can, make the drive to Princeville, it's gorgeous and Jurassic Falls are STUNNING.

    1. It's on minimalist baker! I am obsessed, I just tweak it a bunch - more lime juice, etc...We will totes drive to Princeville. Praying for good weather!