Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: What Would Jack Bauer Eat?

I'm a creature of habit, sometimes to my detriment. My boyfriend can surely attest to this - and he does! I like my routines, thank you very much. I may or may not have been trying to schedule morning meetings around my Monday/Wednesday/Friday yoga routine for the past 6 months. What can I say? I found an amazing yoga teacher who continually challenges my practice, and I'm addicted. 

Another routine in particular that I'm loving right now is my Monday nights. I'll get home from work around 6pm, cook a new recipe I've been dying to make, eat dinner with said boyfriend, and we'll watch the new season of 24. Or rather, I'll watch, and he'll fall asleep half-way through. 

I'm cherishing these Summer nights because for the past two years, I've been attending some form of night school to get my Nutrition Consultant Certification. And now it's over, and I have a good amount of free-time. And it is just completely bizarre to me. No homework? Nope. I can relax. Or try. It's more like, trying to relax in suspense as I watch Jack punch the bad guys. 

He's a good man after all, that Jack Bauer. 

And yes, Jack is most certainly back. I wonder what Jack Bauer would eat if the show ever actually showed him eating? Or is he simply fueled by his desire to clear his name?!

On that note, here's this week's edition of What I Ate Wednesday. 

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, but managed to get up and get dressed in my running gear; a new running playlist awaited me! Sidenote: I love all of Lorde's songs for running - she makes me feel like a badass. I think I ran about 4.5 miles, before coming home and making a hot cup of green tea with a few of my grandma dried plums on the side.

As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to be better about post-workout recovery nutrition. It's hard for me because I am not hungry until a few hours after a run. But come mid-afternoon, my appetite will kick in. I still try to eat a good breakfast because eating a solid, protein-centric breakfast can help to prevent overeating in the late afternoon. Anyone else experience that 3:30 or 4pm slump? Make sure you're getting a good breakfast in!

Breakfast was 2 over-medium (by accident) eggs, plus yummy gluten-free cinnamon raison toast with lots of Kerrygold salted butter and chia seeds sprinkled on top...just because I'm trying to use the bag up. I usually enjoy my eggs a little runnier, but I was completely consumed watching the Pippa Middleton interview on The Today Show while my eggs were cookin'. What can I say? I've got British blood in me, and I love everything-royal. 

Jack Bauer probably eats 8-10 eggs a day.

Before leaving the apartment, I made a smoothie for a mid-morning snack. The smoothie included frozen organic spinach (gotta get my greens!), organic frozen blueberries, coconut milk (unsweetened), sunflower seed butter, and Vega One Chocolate. I've got a large tub of Vega One I'm working my way through. I happily slurped this down around 11:30am to 12pm. I'm aware this looks pretty gross, but it was good and it felt good to get some greens in.

For sure, Jack Bauer drinks green smoothies with crazy stuff in them.

The smoothie held me over for a few hours. Around 2:30, I dove into my kale salad. I bought a big bunch of kale, tore the leaves off the stems, and then chopped the kale into smaller pieces. I massaged the kale with a little sesame oil, then added carrots and some rotisserie chicken I picked up at my Farmers Market, and dressed it generously with my latest dressing obsession. So good. The key is to let the kale sort-of marinate in the dressing for a few hours.

I had a client reschedule her nutrition consulting appointment, so I opted to go to a 6:15pm Vinyasa Flow class to stretch out my muscles from my run. In a happy surprise, I ran into a girlfriend at class, so we flowed together. 

After a class as sweaty as this one was, I was incredibly dehydrated! I made sure to chug lots of water post-class. When I got home, I wasn't too hungry, but knew I needed to eat before it got too late. This dinner was thrown together in 15 minutes. I cooked some chicken thighs and sprinkled them with truffle salt, red pepper flakes, and Pecorino cheese. I also heated up some Shishito and Padron Peppers (recipe post on those to come, soon). Heads up: I'm obsessed. I wanted something sweeter to balance out the savory, so I made a piece of cinnamon raisin toast with butter. Random, but very satisfying and flavorful. 

And ended the night curling up on my couch, watching really bad TV that wasn't 24. And I ate a few pieces of chocolate which didn't last long enough to photograph. 

Happy Wednesday! What are your eats looking like today?


  1. So we are the same person. Exactly. See: Routines, Breakfast (I LOVE that toast), PIPPA ON THE TODAY SHOW (I'm convinced we'd be BFF), and Roli Roti Chickens. We buy one every Sunday too and it lasts for like 4 meals - the BEST!

    1. I know....scary similar! And you forgot our mutual love for healthy living blogs! :)