Friday, July 11, 2014

True Life: I'm obsessed with Shishito & Padron Peppers

I don't love kale. I like it, dressed in peanut sauce. But it's not love.

I've never really craved a big ole bowl of steamed broccoli. 

And collard greens are not my favorite. They've got a pretty strong taste, in my opinion.

I'm not going to pretend with you that because I am a Nutritionist, I love all healthy green foods. I'm human, for goodness sake. I love chocolate, and no, not just the darker, healthier, or fancier stuff! I like the cheap, milk chocolate, in the form of a Hershey's Bar. Anyone who knows me knows that. It's just one of my (many) quirks.  

And, lets get real here. Sometimes, I find it really challenging to get a decent amount of vegetables into my daily eats. That's why I try to sneak them into my smoothies, or cook them quickly in bacon fat

My point here, is that, well, food should taste good. Right? Vegetables, I'm talking to you. So, throughout my adventures in the kitchen, I have figured out how I like to cook my greens to make them taste really freaking good. And that often involves some butter (grass-fed, salted). And maybe some truffle salt here and there. And I'm okay with that. 

But Shishito and Padron Peppers? I absolutely, wholeheartedly, without a doubt, more than Hershey's (like woah), can say that I love these peppers. Have you seen them at your grocery store or Farmers Market? They are only in season during the Summer. I buy 3 to 4 baskets worth, which should realistically last about a week, but I pop these peppers faster than Hershey's kisses, and go through 3 or 4 baskets in a few days. 

These peppers are a game-changer

You don't love kale either? Try these peppers. I think they'd turn any green-veggie hater into a veggie-lover.

The Shishito peppers are less spicy and have a longer shape, with more indents. The Padron peppers appear a little fatter and can be a bit smokier and spicier. Not all are spicy, in fact, most are mild in my opinion, however, occasionally (maybe 1 in 8 peppers) you'll get a real spicy one that will challenge your taste buds. It's pepper roulette! 

I like to heat some Kerrygold butter in a pan, because it's my favorite and because butter is a saturated fat, so it's not going to be damaged as easily when heated as something like, say, olive oil. And then, I dump a bunch of peppers into the pan. And let them sit and start to blister a little. I flip them to my best ability and let them blister a little more. And then grind fresh black pepper and sea salt on top. 

And that's it. I eat them immediately, and usually before my boyfriend can grab more than a few. 

So, don't force yourself to love a vegetable because it's the healthiest one. Find the veggies you like, know how to cook them, and enjoy them. 

Because, when it comes down to it, we should enjoy and appreciate our food, right? 

Pan-fried Simple Shishito & Padron Peppers

1 tablespoon butter, ghee, or coconut oil
2 handfuls of Shishito and/or Padron peppers
Sea salt & ground pepper, to taste

In a saute pan, heat the butter (or fat of choice) over medium heat. Add the peppers, and let them sit and cook for 3 minutes or so. 

Using tongs, press gentle on the peppers as they start to blister - you'll hear a popping sound, perhaps! Make sure the peppers cook evenly on all sides. Depending on how many you cook, they'll be done within 6 or 7 minutes. 

Sprinkle with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Serve immediately, and enjoy!


  1. you are so cute, girl. I need to get on that recipe ASAP! ALSO, will i see you in napa?

    1. I didn't know we were supposed to put in our availability! So, I just did yesterday. I'm out of town for Napa but am hoping to work at the Oakland pop-up and SF Marathon :)

  2. i've never heard of shishito before! definitely an ingredient i will be looking to get my hands on, thanks for the inspiration + great read.

    1. Thanks for reading! I hope you find the Shishito peppers and cook them up very soon. Your tastebuds will thank you! xo

  3. Just made these and they were delicious! Thanks, Laura!

    1. So glad you enjoyed them! They aren't in season much longer. XOXO