Monday, July 28, 2014

On Running FOMO & A Little Monday Inspiration...

Did you have a nice weekend? 

Are you feeling, perhaps, a little meh on this Monday? 

Me too. It was uncharacteristically sunny and gorgeous this weekend in San Francisco. While this weather is normally welcomed by this fog-overloaded city, it came on the weekend of the San Francisco Marathon. So, it was a pretty hot race as you can imagine.

The San Francisco marathon has a very special place in my heart. It was the first marathon I ever ran and completed in 2009. I followed a realistic training plan with plenty of long runs and had a running buddy to help keep me motivated throughout the training. 

However, two weeks before the race, I had my heart broken for the first time; like really broken. This heart break struck me suddenly and deeply and I turned into a zombie. I didn't know if I would be able to run the marathon I had committed the past five months of my life to training for. These two weeks before the marathon, when hydration and nourishment are key as you rest or taper, I didn't really sleep or eat; I couldn't. But I decided I'd run it, because life had to go on, and although the pain I was feeling was getting in the way of many other things in my life, it sure as hell wasn't going to stop me from running my first marathon. And truthfully, I was pretty malnourished, so maybe it wasn't the smartest decision to forge ahead, but if I'm being honest here, I sure don't regret it.

And so, the day before the big race, my best friend and I went to a pancake place in Hayes Valley in San Francisco and I forced myself to eat and "fuel up" before the marathon. [Note: After lots of nutrition education, I have a fairly different take on how to appropriately fuel for such a race, but on that day, I was just trying to get some calories in me.]

On race day, energy-wise, I felt great. I was running, quite literally, on adrenaline, anger, and delirium. I still remember parts of the race really well. I remember my Mom poking her head out of my cousin Jimmy's car window on the Golden Gate Bridge yelling "Laura" as I ran across it, smiling. I remember my big Sister waving a handmade poster with a Hershey bar taped to it (no joke...whatever motivates you right?) cheering for me as I made my way through Golden Gate Park. And I remember crossing the finish line and thinking, it was worth it. I want more...after a nap.

I needed those endorphins and post-marathon high so badly at that time. They served me kindly. I finally got a good night's sleep that night. I remember that too. 

So, where am I going with this? 

Running the race was not in my cards this year. I suppose I just have to accept that. It was really hard for me to be there as a cheerleader, and not, as a runner (major FOMO - fear of missing out). I worked for Vega at the finish line of the race. I helped serve electrolyte drinks and recovery accelerator drinks (made with natural ingredients, of course!). I talked to lots of runners, of all ages, even some friends stopped by, each one, inspiring in his or her own way. I witnessed a lot of dehydration, tired muscles, and salty faces. And it all refueled my desire to run, which has been a little absent lately (and that is OK). It also forced me to reflect on how far I've come in the past five years; I'm in a different, healthier and happier relationship, transitioning into a new career (more on that on Friday), and I've become better at listening to my body and trusting my intuition. All, good things. 

I can't wait to run the San Francisco [1/2] Marathon next year. Plotting...

My blog isn't strictly about nutrition. That'd get old real fast. I like to practice holistic nutrition because it means, to me, finding nourishment and happiness from not just food, but relationships, exercise, spirituality, and so much more, too. 

On Sunday, I witnessed my best friend's husband crush his first marathon. I saw my best friend shortly after killing it with a new personal record. I met a man who has run 111 marathons; he assured me he was taking a break soon. 

I felt inspired. 

So, did anything inspire you this weekend? 


  1. I loved this post. My friend finished her first Ironman yesterday and that was beyond inspiring - and made me crave those long-run endorphins! I get the same running FOMO too. That said - let's be training buddies for our next race!

    1. Kristine - I'd love to train with you. I need to work up to your pace though, you are quite fast my dear! Still need a yoga date pleaseeee! xo