Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Long Weekend, in Pictures

I had a nice, very long weekend. 

I met my boyfriend in Princeton, New Jersey, for a wedding, and then we ventured into Manhattan for the rest of the weekend. One of my oldest girlfriends' and her husband just moved there, so we couldn't not visit them while back east. But I'm back in San Francisco now, and despite the roughness that is a 6am NYC flight to SFO, and rolling straight into work, after over two weeks of traveling, it feels good to be home. 

These are some of my favorite pictures from the end of my trip. 

Oh, and on Friday, I'll be sharing a cookie recipe. Life is pretty good sometimes.

The gorgeous, lush, green campus that is Princeton

The most beautiful crab cake with pickled cabbage - delicious wedding appetizer!

Sunday evening at Central Park

Obligatory Central Park shot

Our friend's amazing terrace, complete with happy pups, on the Upper West Side 

My Fortune Teller Fish after a wonderful meal at The Mermaid Inn

Beautiful chocolates at a wine bar in NYC 

Suckling pig with garlic yucca at Cuba, an amazing restaurant in Greenwich Village. Pretty sure they marinated the yucca in a garlic butter - it was rich and divine.


  1. It's always fun to go on vacation, but it does feel good to get back home!

    1. Yes! Nothing like sleeping in your own bed again :)

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