Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm back + What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)

I'm back. 

I'm excited to share my revamped blog. I am still figuring out what my blogging schedule will be, but I'm thinking a few times a week, concentrating on recipes, healthy living, and of course, nutrition! I hope everyone enjoys the new look and new tagline. In case you're wondering where that originated from, well, I do love [sustainably raised] pork chops. And pork belly. And bacon. #passionateaboutpork 

So, I took a little more than a year off from blogging, to focus on some big life goals. Mainly, to complete my Certified Nutrition Consultant program at Bauman College in Berkeley. I finished in March and couldn't be more excited to be working in the field of nutrition and seeing clients. There are some more exciting life changes happening, so stay tuned in the next month or so as I'll be sharing news on the blog. 

I can't think of a better way to get back into the swing of things than to talk food. So, shall we? I spent the weekend indulging in Chicago for a super-fun wedding. After a large-grocery shopping trip on Monday night, I was ready to get back into the swing of things in terms of healthy eating. So, w
elcome to this girl's edition of What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). Which is really, what I ate on Tuesday that I'm showing you on Wednesday. 

Somewhat early, I woke up and laced up my running shoes. I ran to my favorite workout place in the city, the Lyon Street Steps, ran up and down the steps and then ran home. It took about an hour and my quads were dying. Side note: I am officially out of running shape. #toomuchyoga

Around 8am, I made a cup of hot green tea and ate a few dried plums. For some reason, I've been digging dried plums lately; I rarely keep dried fruit in the house because it tends to be moldy and fairly high in sugar, but lately I've been enjoying a few pieces. My love for dried plums (aka prunes) is predictable given that I am known to many of my dearest friends as a grandma. But that's another story. I'm trying to drink more green tea right now instead of coffee. This is because sometimes, too much coffee can negatively impact my anxiety levels, among other things. So, I'm just paying attention to how I am feeling, and making small changes, like more green tea and less coffee. 

I worked from home this morning, and around 9am, I ate two of these baked egg muffins I made last night. I've never made these before, but was really happy with how they turned out. I'll be sure to post the recipe soon; these guys had red bell pepper, onions, eggs, and chicken sausage, along with some spices. 

As I got ready to leave for my client meetings, I made a quick smoothie to take with me: frozen organic spinach, frozen organic mixed berries, Vega One Chocolate, almond butter, and almond milk; I drank this smoothie around 11am. I actually try to not drink a smoothie first-thing in the morning. It's cold and sometimes I feel as though it is shocking my body. I like to start my day out with warming foods, and tend to feel much better with a late-morning or mid-afternoon smoothie, once my digestive system has warmed up for the day.

I am never hungry immediately after a run, however, I'm trying to pay more attention to my post-run recovery eating. As you can see from the above, I ate in stages throughout this morning. In an ideal world, I would have eaten a mix of protein, fat, and some carbs around 45 minutes to an hour after my run to replenish my glucose levels. But hey - like I said, I'm working on it.

In between meetings, I sipped lots of hot green tea and around 2pm, ate a kale salad with persian cucumbers, this amazing peanut dressing, and leftover chicken thighs from my dinner last night. It was delicious! But, what's missing from this meal? It could have used some more carbohydrates. But unfortunately, I was unable to get my child-sized hands on additional food; I definitely wasn't completely satisfied after this meal, and was starving by the time dinner rolled around.

After work, I met my friend for a fun dinner in Oakland at a restaurant called Hawker Fare. It was asian-fusion and delicious. Any restaurant with ribs, pork belly, or pumpkin-coconut curry has my heart. Immediately. We shared food, which is the best way to eat; nourishing our bellies together!

A mojito-like cocktail (I drank half; it was too sweet)

Blistered green beans with bacon jelly - these were to.die.for.

Tofu & pumpkin in coconut curry with basil & bamboo

Beef ribs with peanut sauce & cucumber salad 

And finally, once I got home, I curled up on my couch, wrote this post, and enjoyed 3 squares of dark chocolate. Truth: I really wanted a big ole chocolate chip cookie. 

And, those are my eats for the day. Sure, there could have been more vegetables. There will always be room to improve when it comes to our nutrition. The important thing is paying attention to hunger cues, and not ignoring them. Doing so can damage our metabolism. And that's a whole other post. We have to nourish our own bodies; no one else will.  

So, on this lovely day, tell me what are you eating?

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  1. Congrats on being done with school! I LOVE Edible Perspective and that dressing! You just reminded me I need to make more of it. Lyon St is my nemesis. We do them once a week and they never, ever get easier, but I've noticed my recovery time gets faster on the way down. So there's that. But they're always brutal.