Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On a 27th Birthday, 27 Things I've Learned

A few things I have learned over the past 27 years....

1. Always have a chocolate bar handy; store in the cupboard, in the freezer, and at work.

2. Good manners will get you far. Especially at restaurants and airports. I'm talking dish-not-on-the-menu or emergency-exit-seat-for-free.

3. You probably will never regret a workout. So just do it. The endorphins are really worth it.

4. Go to the Farmers Market. Talk to a farmer. Thank him or her for growing your food.

5. Don't let saving money get in the way of traveling. The travel will make you richer.

6. Always be nice to your Mom and make her homemade cards for Mothers Day.

7. When in doubt, put a fried egg on it.

8. Take care of your best friends. Cook for them (Kacey). Let them borrow your stuff (Julie). Listen. Because they will in turn, take care of you, when you really need it (Lindsey, Jaqui, Kelsey, Julie, Miri, Kacey, Bethany, Tan, all my Katies, Kimbo, and the list goes on, and on...and on).

9. Be a good sister. Big or little. Realize that if you are the little sister, you have it way easier.

10. Don't write the nice guy off.

11. When you are stressed, bake. Bake it off!

12. It's totally okay and acceptable to wear nothing but yoga pants and spandex all weekend long. Drown in the comfort. I'm right there with you.

13. Despite being made fun of by...98% of the people in my life, I have accepted that I am a cat-loving lady. Get over it. Cats are cool.

14. Good Will Hunting never gets old. When you need a good cry, just watch Robin Williams and Matty D in that one scene, where Robin talks about his wife who passed away. Gets me. Every time.

15. Just because you can't drink a pitcher doesn't mean you can't join in on the fun...right? Right. (Guess which drink is mine...?)

16.When your friends force you to wear red lipstick, listen to them. It's fun! And it looks pretty!

17. If you want to listen to Broadway music every day on your way to work, do it. I highly recommend The Phantom of the Opera original cast, with Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford.

18. Try really, really hard to not hold grudges. They are so unhealthy. Mentally and physically.

19. Yoga will change your life.

20. Don't forget to strike a pose.

21. New Years is so overrated. The best way to spend it is with close friends and/or family; those you love.

22. You can never have too many Christmas decorations. I don't care if my apartment looks like Walmart at Christmas. Get in the spirit, yo!

23. It really isn't always your fault. Truly.

24. Sometimes you have to act like the adult. Even when you should be the kid.

25. For all my fellow San Franciscans: order the Black Cod at The House. Go on a date at Hotel Biron. Unami Burger IS worth the wait and order the bacon-wrapped scallop burger. The Thrice Cooked Bacon is worth it at Mission Chinese Food and will burn your mouth off, so make sure to wash it down with a beer.

26. Don't forget to tell someone when you are proud of him or her.

27. Remember to laugh. It's so much more fun that way.


  1. Wonderful list! I turned 27 in June. My husband would especially agree with #7!