Friday, July 13, 2012

Five Thing(s) Friday

1. My New Favorite Breakfast:

Plain greek yogurt + banana + oats + peanut butter + a drizzle of honey. 

I absolutely love breakfast. I am totally a morning person. I look forward to my morning run, my morning coffee, and my morning breakfast. The latter of which, usually involves copious amounts of almond butter. People at work have recently been asking me, what are you eating? I tell them what it is and they say "wow, that's a lot of effort." I don't think it is though, when it keeps me full for hours. And it's healthy and delicious. Don't question the peanut butter. Just trust.

2. It's The Little Things:

Last night, I was listening to my iPod while walking home. Hotel Chelsea Nights by Ryan Adams came on, followed by, Beth/Rest by Bon Iver. Two of my very favorite songs. Back to back. It was such a simple and sweet coincidence. In that moment, I felt I needed to remind myself that it really is the little things, sometimes.

3. meat!?

My Mom called me earlier this week concerned about a recent conversation with my big sister. I asked her what was wrong and she told me my Sister had mentioned in a casual conversation that she was thinking about becoming a Vegetarian. Debbie was not pleased. I assured her I was still 100% a carnivore. 

Popcorn sprinkled with bacon #passionateaboutpork

And promptly helped my roommate eat her vegetables fried in my bacon fat left over from the best salad ever.  

4. My Other Favorite Go-To Breakfast:

Simple! Two pieces of toast (gluten-free, for me). Almond Butter. Flax Seeds. Bananas. Lots of texture.

5. My New Favorite Songs: 

My favorite muni/walking-to-work song: As Much As I Ever Could by City & Colour. Just.Listen.

My go-to workout song: Dancing On My Own by Robyn. It's got a good beat. And it reminds me of GIRLS, since it was on the show when Hannah and the guy were dancing ridiculously while her friend accidentally smoked crack.

PS I was disappointed in the finale. But I still love Hannah and all her awkwardness. 

PPS I got told yesterday by a girl at work "You are the most awkward person ever." 

I'll take awkward over vegetarian, any day though.

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  1. Stumbled on your blog from HTP... your new favorite looks a lot like one of mine. Subtract the honey and add pumpkin, sunflower seeds, and shredded coconut (and sometimes blueberries).