Friday, May 18, 2012

Favorite San Francisco Restaurants: May 2012

When I quit my first professional post-college job at a nonprofit, the first thing my boss said was: "But who's going to pick all the restaurants out that I should go to?"

I was oddly...flattered.

Yes, I worked for her for two years and took my job and responsibilities very seriously! And though she was quirky and sweet in her own, German-way, she was also totally that kind of boss that you could just never really impress.

So here are my favorite restaurants and bars to venture to in San Francisco right now. And even though Uta (former boss) would think a few of them are too loud, dark, and 'cavernous' (don't ask), I promise...if you go, you will leave oh so happy.

1. The Beast & The Hare - Oh my goodness. So, I went to this restaurant not knowing what to expect and fell in love with it. It's small, dark, and the menu is meaty and adventurous. If you go, please order the Bone Marrow appetizer and the Rabbit Stew entree. The most tender rabbit, served over this buttery rich polenta...I can still taste both dishes and I am dying to go back!

1. Maven - The folks at this absolutely gorgeous open space in the Lower Haight hood take cocktails very seriously. I love how their menu is set up in order of light cocktails and food pairings to heavier ones. My favorite (thus far) is the Global Warming: aged gin, sake, riesling, lemon absinthe sorbet. I also love the beautiful wood throughout; the three, long communal tables are all made from the same tree. It's a stunning space with a thoughtful menu.

2. Park Tavern - I just keep going back to Park Tavern. It's totally one of those quintessential San Francisco restaurants, like NOPA or Zuni. It's always buzzing, has the trendy communal table, and an eclectic menu. You can try to get a reservation, but really, I think it's fun to put your name on the wait list and wait for your table while downing a few drinks and schmoozin' at the bar.

3. Local Edition - So, this place is kind of hidden in its own way. One could easily pass the entrance with all the craziness of Market Street. The doorman opens the door, and you are led down a curved staircase. And then...suddenly you've entered the 1920s: dark, deep red lighting, tall tables, and bartenders wearing vests. Oh, and some of the most unique cocktails I've seen in a long time. A fun place to go for Happy Hour, a date, and apparently, hit on women in the creepiest way. At least that's what happened to my friend and I...but I don't like to let things get in my way. And I would still go back. For the drinks. Seriously.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Ha! I think you and I had similar capabilities while at (former jobs)! Sadly I haven't been to ANY of those on your list! How is this?? Maybe because I've been gone from SF for too long now? I'll have to try them when I get back! LOVE the blog -- you look great!

    Anna (the phil to your uta)

  2. One of my best friends recently moved to SF. I'll have to go visit her and check out one of these places