Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Thanksgiving Dinner

Since my Mom is a Chef, I'm always asked by everyone about what my Thanksgiving Dinner is like. I think our spread is pretty traditional, but then again, I've never really eaten anyone else's Thanksgiving meal. Everything is homemade, from the rolls, to the pie crusts, to the turkey bastin' juice. And the woman can cook fast; the entire meal is done in a matter of 6 hours. It's a 1 1/2 woman show...I help with the pies. 

I leave you with these images of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. Someone, get me something green, quick.

Morning run; the leaves in San Luis Obispo are so vibrant!

 Homemade Crescent Rolls rising...

Undressed Apple Pie

Crescent Rolls Brushed with Butter

 Sweet Potatoes topped with Caramelized Brown Sugared Walnuts

Traditional Cranberry Sauce and Cranberry-Orange Sauce

 My Mom's Famous Bread Stuffing, with sausage, cranberries, apples, port, pecans, and name a few ingredients.

 Turkey Slicings. It's all about the dark meat, people.

 Barely made a dent.

Triple Chocolate Pecan Pie, my favorite. Semisweet, milk chocolate and white chocolate gooeyness.

Trio of Pies: Triple Chocolate Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, and Pumpkin Prailine Pie.

What was left Saturday morning. I swear, I had nothing to do with this.

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